PowerShell Studio 2016 – Service Release & High DPI Support

We released a new service build of PowerShell Studio 2016 (v5.2.124)!

PowerShell Studio High DPI


Here’s what’s new:

High DPI Support

We have added high DPI support to PowerShell Studio’s UI. Those of you who previously ran PowerShell Studio on a high DPI monitor (Windows 10 in particular) probably noticed that the application appeared fuzzy. The fuzzy appearance is caused by Windows’ scaling of non-DPI aware applications. The good news is that this no longer the case with PowerShell Studio 2016.

Not DPI Aware
Fuzzy Non DPI Aware
DPI Aware
DPI Aware

High DPI Layouts

With high DPI screens, you will require high DPI layouts. When PowerShell Studio detects a high DPI environment (DPI > 96) it will automatically load (if present) the high DPI version of the selected layout.

To create your own high DPI version of a custom layout, simply save the layout with the .HighDPI.layout extension:

Low DPI file: High DPI file:
(Layout Name).layout (Layout Name).HighDPI.layout


High DPI Designer

PowerShell Studio now ensures that your forms scale correctly in the designer. As a result, you can edit the same psf file in a low DPI environment and in a high DPI environment, while maintaining the form’s scale (as oppose to Visual Studio where it is recommended to design the GUI in a 96 DPI environment because the form will not scale correctly when editing between different DPI environments.)

Important: Older versions of PowerShell Studio will incorrectly scale forms created in high DPI environments. Therefore, psf files created or saved by this version of PowerShell Studio will not be backwards compatible.


High DPI Control Sets

Similar to the designer, Control Sets now support high DPI scaling and will scale correctly in low DPI settings.

Important: Due to scaling compatibility, Control Sets created with this version will not be backwards compatible with older versions of PowerShell Studio.


High DPI Scripts

It is important that the GUIs you create display correctly when executed in high DPI environments. To ensure this, we updated the script generator to include the necessary code to allow your GUIs to scale correctly. Saving the psf file in this build is all that is needed.

We will discuss how to design a GUI for high DPI environments in an upcoming article, because there are some design considerations you need to address in order for your controls to display correctly.

Note: Displaying the GUI in high DPI depends on the executing host. The host running the script must be DPI aware, otherwise the form may have a fuzzy look to it. PowerShell Studio’s internal hosts and the packager engines are all DPI aware.


Document Selector

When you press [Ctrl + Tab] to cycle between documents, the Document Selector appears. We added a new option to disable this feature, allowing you to directly cycle through the document tabs without opening the selector.

Document Selector

Note: The Document Selector displays the documents in activation order instead of the tab order.

You can modify the feature by checking/unchecking the Show the document selector when navigating tabs option in Options->General:

Options - Show Document Selector


Please continue providing your feedback. Many of the new features included in the service builds are suggestions from users like you. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or feature requests, please share them with us on our Wish List and Feature Requests forum.