What’s new in the 2011 versions?

You wanted to know what’s new in the 2011 versions of PrimalScript and PrimalForms. Please check out the brochures we created here: http://www.sapien.com/assets/pdf/ReasonsToUpgradeToPrimalScript2011.pdf and here: http://www.sapien.com/assets/pdf/ReasonsToUpgradeToPrimalForms2011.pdf   These will tell you a little bit about the products and also have…
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Service Release (6/1/2011)

New versions of PrimalForms 2011,  PrimalSQL 2011, and PrimalXML 2011 are available. Registered users can download the latest service builds from MySAPIEN. Release Notes:   PrimalForms 2011 v2.0.7 – FIX: Renaming controls in designer failed to update editor do to case…
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