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Technically Speaking

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012 by Ferdinand Rios
How well do you know PrimalScript or PrimalForms? Do you have the writing skills necessary to write a detailed technical manual for our products? If so, SAPIEN is looking for someone to write a clear, understandable and detailed manual for our products. We are really looking for people with significant writing experience, a good knowledge of our products and a willingness to delve even deeper into them. You will be working directly with our developers to create the manuals for the next versions of our products! Become the authority on SAPIEN software! If you are interested, submit a resume and…   More »

New poll: Should the next version of PrimalScript use a Ribbon interface?

Monday, November 14th, 2011 by Alex Riedel
Look to the right, there is a new poll. Some of you have come to love it some of you loath it: The Ribbon interface used in Microsoft Office 2007 and above. Windows 7's Paint has it. Windows 8 will have it for Windows Explorer. PrimalForms had it from the beginning. Some find it offers easier access to common functions, some claim it makes it easier to discover functionality. Yet others despise the look and don't want the screen real estate wasted in that manner. Compare the user interface area of PrimalScript 2011 and PrimalMerge 2011:     Please use…   More »

Feature Peek PrimalScript 2011: Really really big files

Wednesday, April 13th, 2011 by Alex Riedel
Sometimes we have to look at files with a size that far exceeds anything a regular code editor can handle. After all, source files of any language usually don't venture north of a few hundred KB. I am sure there are some slightly bigger, so please don't make this a contest about who has the biggest … source file… Log files on the other hand silently sit there and accumulate output from databases, services or whatnot and only once they have grown beyond any reasonable size we suddenly need to look at them and figure out what went wrong. PrimalScript…   More »

Feature Peek PrimalScript 2011: Debugging with arguments

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011 by Alex Riedel
Many of the scripts you develop use command line arguments to specify data that needs to be passed to the script. In a production environment these parameters usually change for each invocation of a script. For debugging however most developers use a fixed set of test parameters for any given script, which allows you to easily reproduce the state you need for debugging a specific item. In the past that meant that for each script you had to manually set the parameters somewhere in a dialog box before debugging. It also meant that you somehow had to remember what the…   More »

Feature Peek PrimalScript 2011: New PowerShell Debugger

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011 by Alex Riedel
The PowerShell debugger has been completely rewritten for PrimalScript 2011. Many of the new features are the direct result of requests from you, our users: - The way the debugger executes your script makes sure that all open files are closed, regardless where and when you stop debugging. - You can debug in 32 and 64 bit PowerShell instances and also elevate the debugger if your script requires elevation to run. (Obviously you need a 64 bit OS to run the 64 bit debugger) - The new variable display shows all members and their values of all PowerShell variables. -…   More »

PrimalForms 2011 Beta Testers needed!

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 by Ferdinand Rios
SAPIEN is about to begin the beta test phase for new versions of of its products. We are looking for SERIOUS testers who can commit to really working the products to their max and taking the time to report and follow up on issues that are discovered. We have a few AWESOME releases coming, but we need your help to finish them off. First up is PrimalForms 2011! This Beta invitation is for our existing customers only. Therefore, if you are a registered user with a valid license key and you are interested in Beta Testing PrimalForms 2011, please let…   More »

Feature Peek PrimalScript 2011: 32/64 bit debugging

Thursday, February 10th, 2011 by Alex Riedel
You probably already guessed that we did not just stop with executing scripts in either 32 or 64 bit mode. Debugging your scripts in either environment is just as simple. With just the flick of a switch you can launch the 32 or the 64 bit debugger and run, step, examine and probe your variables at your leisure. The screenshots below illustrate how easily you can go from 32 to 64 bit. …   More »

Feature Peek 2011: Bookmarks and Breakpoints

Thursday, January 6th, 2011 by David Corrales
As mentioned in previous blogs, the next version of PrimalForms will support debugging. Anybody who has debugged a script or application knows that breakpoints are a priceless tool. A cool new feature in the 2011 versions of PrimalScript and PrimalForms is the ability edit breakpoints and bookmarks between the two products. For example, a user creates a PowerShell script in PrimalForms 2011 and set a few breakpoints and bookmarks used for debugging. The same user decides to debug the same PowerShell script on another machine, but it only has PrimalScript 2011  installed. When the script is opened in PrimalScript 2011,…   More »

Feature Peek PrimalScript 2011: Bridging the gap, Part 3

Wednesday, January 5th, 2011 by Alex Riedel
Last time we learned how you can pre-determine where your script is executed by using meta-comments inside your code. While this third installment also deals with execution in either 32 or 64 bit environments, the main gap being addressed today is between script development and working in a shell. For us developer types, the use of an IDE is pretty clear cut: We write code and we want as little dependency on our development machine as possible. Administrators once again live in two worlds: Of course you develop scripts that will run on other machines and, just as us, should…   More »

Feature Peek 2011: Bridging the gap, Part 2

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010 by Alex Riedel
"Can I ask you a quick question?" This usually precede a long interruption in whatever work you are doing at the time. It doesn't matter if someone sticks their head into your cubicle while uttering these infamous words or if they pop up on an instant messenger window, inevitably you are expected to drop whatever you are doing at the time and attend to someone else's problem. As we have seen in the first part of this blog article, you can configure PrimalScript 2011 to run your scripts in 32 or 64 bit mode. Add that to the already existing…   More »