Where is the Documents Folder?

In this article, our guest blogger—Brent Challis—provides a different approach to retrieving the correct Documents folder. The Problem One of the problems working with multiple computers is that the Documents folder path could be:                 C:\Users\<user>\OneDrive\Documentsor                C:\Users\<user>\Documents There are many…
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PowerShell Studio Adds Support for WebView2 Control

With the latest service build of PowerShell Studio (5.8.201), we have added a new control—WebView2—to our Toolbox pane along with a new file template. The WebView2 is a modernized, updated control of the WebBrowser control. WebView2 uses Microsoft Edge (Chromium)…
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Installing Modules with a JSON file in PowerShell ModuleManager

With the PowerShell ModuleManager 2022 release, we have added the ability to install a list of modules from a file. This feature is helpful if you need to install multiple modules at once or if you are moving from a particular…
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