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New Home Page

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013 by June Alane Reif
We are proud to unveil our new home page! Our new banner is designed to highlight featured products, upcoming events, classes, store specials and more. Beneath the banner are easy links to our products, your account, plus the latest news from our blog and the support forums. Of special interest is a link to our new Free Tools page. Normally found in the download section of our site, the Free Tools are now more easily accessible via the link under the Products section of the home page. You need to have a SAPIEN account to download these tools – log…   More »

All SAPIEN Software will be 64 bit

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013 by Alex Riedel
With some of our smaller free tools, for example PrimalPad, we started creating 32 bit and 64 bit versions quite some time ago. There is no capacity reason for a text editor to be 64 bit, after all, your script probably won’t exceed 4 GB anytime soon. Users of our current versions know that, PrimalScript 2012 and PowerShell Studio 2012 which are 32 bit executables, fully support 64 bit OS varieties and languages. But there is just something to be said for running software that is native to your operating system. Eliminating subsystem layers and folder redirections are just two…   More »

WinForms Interactive Reference Guide for PowerShell

Thursday, September 6th, 2012 by David Corrales
Not long ago we released the WinForms Control Reference for PowerShell. We have taken the Reference a step further by creating an interactive version! The Interactive Reference allows you to display help information by clicking on a control in the Toolbox: For those of you who like reading on paper, you have the option to print the reference page: Easy access to the Spotlight on Control Blog Articles using Help Menu:   How do I download the WinForms Interactive Reference? The WinForms Interactive Reference is available only to registered users. To download,  log onto your MySAPIEN account and click on…   More »

It’s Awards Time!

Wednesday, September 5th, 2012 by Ferdinand Rios
It's that time of the year. The grapes in Napa are ripening. The weather is changing. And the awards are coming! Windows IT Pro, SQLServer Pro and Dev Pro magazines are having their annual Community Choice awards and SAPIEN Products are nominated in several categories. We ask all of our loyal customers and friends to take a moment and vote for your favorite SAPIEN products online at the links and categories below: Windows IT Pro Magazine: Category 18. Best Mobile & Wireless Software - SAPIEN iPowerShell Pro   Category 21. Best Scripting Tool (Choose 1) - SAPIEN Technologies PowerShell Studio…   More »

PrimalPad 2012 gets script signing

Thursday, August 9th, 2012 by Alex Riedel
We think that setting your execution policy to AllSigned or at least RemoteSigned in PowerShell is very important. Likewise, your security policy for VBScript, JScript and WSF file should also only allow signed scripts to be executed. PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio have always supported script signing and so does the new PowerShell Profile Editor. So we concluded that giving you PrimalPad without code signing abilities would be a bit of a double standard. The new PrimalPad 2012 build (2.1.28) supports script signing with any code signing certificate you may have in your personal store, a specific certificate or a PFX…   More »

Additional downloads for registered users

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012 by Alex Riedel
If you have any software registered at MySAPIEN you will start to see additional downloads when you login. For one, you will see the stand-alone installers for PrimalMerge 2012 and the SAPIEN Document Explorer there. If you are creating a custom install for PrimalScript or PowerShell Studio these two packages are installed as prerequisites and you cannot influence their installation path. By using these stand-alone installers you can install them in any other location than the default path. Additionally you will see bonus downloads available here, such as the new PowerShell Profile Editor.…   More »

Introducing the PowerShell Profile Editor

Saturday, August 4th, 2012 by Alex Riedel
PowerShell’s profiles make setting up your work environment a bit easier, allowing you to pre-load your most common snapins or modules, define functions, set variables and whatever else you need on startup. However, since there are quite a number of profiles, potentially one for each host, one for all users, one for each user, one for all users and all hosts, the number of files can get a bit out of hand. If you consider that some of these are also duplicated for 32 and 64 bit if you happen to run on a 64 bit OS, you’ll see that…   More »

PrimalForms CE Updated to Correct Version (v1.0.10)

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011 by David Corrales
It seems we had an old version of PrimalForms Community Edition on our servers instead of the current version (v1.0.10) that was announced in this blog: PrimalForms CE Update. So if you downloaded PrimalForms CE and it doesn’t have a start page, then you are running an old version. Please download the latest version of PrimalForms CE here:…   More »

PrimalForms CE Update

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011 by David Corrales
A new version of PrimalForms Community Edition has been released!  This update includes a snazzy new start page that contains the recently opened file list and our news feed: Get the latest version from…   More »

Back from Tech-Ed: What is in the Scripting Toolkit?

Monday, July 26th, 2010 by Ferdinand Rios
The SAPIEN Scripting Toolkit is a CD filled with all sorts of tools and information that is useful for anyone who is working with scripting languages. Let's break down the contents for you... Free tools - A copy of all of our free scripting tools (except for iPowerShell) is on the CD. A link to iPowerShell on the iTunes store is also included. A list of all of those free tools can be found here. You can also download the Scripting Toolkit ISO file at that link. 45 day trial versions of all of our paid software. Besides PrimalScript, SAPIEN…   More »