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Feature Request Alerts: New Functionality

If there’s ever anything you want to alter when it comes to your SAPIEN Technologies user experience, submitting a Feature Request is the first step to making it happen. The process of making a feature request was discussed in a…
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Advanced Blog Searching

The SAPIEN blog is full of information about our products, services, sales, and tutorials. With so much information present, sometimes finding what you want involves searching. There are many ways to search for content in our blog. This article will…
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Need an extra seat for your Subscription?

At SAPIEN Technologies, we know that our customers’ needs change over time. That’s why we have added a simple function to our new subscription model: Adding a Seat. The subscription you purchased five months ago was fine with two seats;…
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New Forum Feature: Upvoting

We recently received a request to allow upvoting in our forums. We are happy to announce that the upvote feature is now available! To upvote a post, click the ‘Thumbs Up’ button in the row of post buttons in the…
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New Forum Feature: Marking the Best Answer

We recently received a request to allow users to mark the posts that best answer their questions in our support forums. You asked; we answered! We have added a new feature in our forums to do just that. To mark…
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