...made me three times the scripter than I was before.

- Jarvis Davis, TechEd 2014, 05/14/2014

I personally think that SAPIEN has hit the mark once again.

- Jason Helmick, 03/23/2014
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It is a must-have tool that all true developers should have in their personal or business toolkit!

- Robert Batson, 07/13/2013
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…brings you a wealth of features - plus the bonus of support for languages like VBScript, JScript, and so on, all in the same package, and all with the same toolset.

- Don Jones on PrimalScript 2009, 06/02/2010
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Keep it up guys, during the years I have seen the product and getting better with each release... You really made my job as a dev much much easier!

- Daniele Catanesi on LinkedIn, 12/05/2018
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I am finding new functionality in this tool it seems every 1/2 hour. I wish I had found this tool a long time ago. I had to personally pay for it but its already gotten me my end of year bonus and paid for itself many times over.

- InBoise, customer, 08/25/2017

Still without a doubt the most productive IDE I have worked with in 20 years! Keep up the great work!

- Ken, Blog Reader and customer, 01/19/2017

...the best IDE I have used in my career of 20+ years as a developer. Please keep up the great work!

- Ken, Blog reader and customer, 03/14/2016

I cannot say this enough. Sapien has created a perfect scripting environment.

- jlevy1126, reddit user, 11/18/2015

...a premium script editor that was written by PowerShell scripters, for PowerShell scripters.

- Timothy Warner, Pluralsight Trainer, 06/12/2015
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Best software purchase I've ever made... and there's fantastic support in the community.

- Noel Stephenson, Blog Post Commenter, 06/12/2015
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Pretty slick stuff... nice and clean... coolness."

- Matt, MWJ Computing, 05/07/2015
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Love the product. It's awesome and saves me tons of time.

- toreador, 01/09/2015

I really love it! I love the fact that we can create VERY easily awesome GUI's.

- Stéphane van Gulick, 10/03/2014

#PowerShell Studio 2014 by @SAPIENTech just increased my love for #posh by 10 fold! love it!

- Thomas @PowerShellSith, 05/06/2014

I use PowerShell studio. Love it! I HIGHLY recommend it!

- Gary L Jackson @theotherkidd, 05/05/2014

Really great tool for any PowerShellers! Snippets, GUI, Function Browser... Awesomeness

- François-Xavier Cat, 02/25/2014

PowerShell Studio is a dream. Always finding new stuff that's incredibly useful.

- Kevin Kirkpatrick, 02/24/2014

I was literally blown away by what PowerShell Studio at first glance has to offer.

- Petr Vanícek, 12/01/2013
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PowerShell Studio gives you the tools you need to bring your PowerShell tasks to successful completion.

- Vinith Menon, 07/31/2013
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If you spend a lot of time writing PowerShell code there's just no better ISE out there.

- Jon Boulineau, New SQL Blog, 03/14/2013
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The 'Bruce Almighty' of all the PowerShell ISEs!

- Manoj Ravikumar Nair, 01/15/2013
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…by far is the most comprehensive tool of any on the market.

- Robert C. Cain, ArcaneCode, 06/20/2012
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...some of the best software I've ever used. I've literally had my hands on it for two weeks and my life has completely changed... Seriously could go on for hours about how great your products are.

- Nate, Customer, 10/06/2017

I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could fully own such a wonderful set of tools. You guys have truly surpassed yourself. ...you folks at SAPIEN sure know how to keep customers happy.

- Miguel Velez-White, 01/23/2017

I do believe you have finally shot the blank stare monster when it comes to automated version control.

- Ed Patterson, 04/16/2014

For a product that bills itself as simple and easy, VersionRecall certainly delivers.

- Don Jones, 04/15/2014
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This may finally be the source control product I've been waiting for...

- jhicks, 07/01/2013

This app is really awesome!

- Srinath, 06/06/2013

It has definitely paid for itself in the short time that I have had it.

- SQLBeard.com, 05/16/2012
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…it's nice to have something portable, searchable and versatile.

- Eric, DiscoPosse, 02/11/2012
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…now includes the Lync, Exchange SharePoint cmdlets, giving you a great quick reference.

- Tom Arbuthnot, 01/24/2012
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…provides easy-to-find details for common (and not so common) PowerShell commands…

- SearchWindowsServer.TechTarget.com, 09/01/2010
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Just bought WMI Explorer and found a property I was *sure* wasn't in WMI after an hour of googling in 30s! Great product!

- Shawn Maiberger via Twitter, 09/16/2016

If you ask me, I would say that it is simply the best: Fast, clean, and precise. It is my preferred one.

- Stéphane van Gulick, 07/14/2014
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...well worth the standalone purchase if you don't own the whole Software Suite already.

- Don Jones, 04/21/2014
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I've always loved the way their products make my work/life easier. They just keep delivering.

- Thomas Ross on LinkedIn, 06/22/2018
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...a great asset for PowerShell professionals looking to create complete help documentation.

- Jeff Hicks, 05/22/2015
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