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PowerShell Studio 2016 – Service Release v5.3.130

Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 by David Corrales
Today we release a new build of PowerShell Studio 2016 and it includes some major changes and new features.   Project Changes and Compatibility IMPORTANT: This build will convert your projects and create a backup of the original (*.psproj.bak). The new project version is not backwards compatible with older builds of PowerShell Studio. We made changed to our projects in order comply with the best practices and warning produces by PSScriptAnalyzer. Previously, when you invoke a GUI or script file from a project, you had to use a reference function that used a Call verb. For example: Call-MainForm_psf The Call…   More »

PowerShell Studio 2016 – Service Release v5.2.125

Monday, July 25th, 2016 by David Corrales
We released a new service build of PowerShell Studio 2016 (v5.2.125)!   Here’s what’s new:   Blocked Files PowerShell Studio will now notify you when a script file is blocked. Windows flags files as blocked when downloaded from the internet or copied from a remote computer.   PowerShell Studio disables execution of blocked files for your security. When you wish to run the script, unblock the file using the file tab’s context menu:     Open with PrimalXML You can now open XML files directly in PrimalXML from the project panel using the context menu: You can also open help…   More »

PowerShell Studio 2016 – Service Release & High DPI Support

Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 by David Corrales
We released a new service build of PowerShell Studio 2016 (v5.2.124)!   Here’s what’s new: High DPI Support We have added high DPI support to PowerShell Studio’s UI. Those of you who previously ran PowerShell Studio on a high DPI monitor (Windows 10 in particular) probably noticed that the application appeared fuzzy. The fuzzy appearance is caused by Windows’ scaling of non-DPI aware applications. The good news is that this no longer the case with PowerShell Studio 2016. Not DPI Aware DPI Aware High DPI Layouts With high DPI screens, you will require high DPI layouts. When PowerShell Studio detects…   More »

PowerShell Studio 2016: Service Release v5.2.118 and PSScriptAnalyzer

Monday, March 28th, 2016 by David Corrales
We released a new service build for PowerShell Studio 2016 (v4.2.118). Here's what's new:   Support for PSScriptAnalyzer module PSScriptAnalyzer module is a community driven module that evaluates your PowerShell scripts and ensures they follow community approved best practices.   PowerShell Studio 2016 now allows you to run PSScriptAnalyzer directly from the ribbon (Tools->Analysis->Analyze Script): Note: This option will be disabled if the PSScriptAnalyzer is not installed.   When you use the Analyze Script command, the module results are displayed in the Debug Panel: Jump to the respective line in the script by double-clicking on result.   Triggered Analysis…   More »

PowerShell Studio 2016 Released! – What’s New? (Part 1)

Monday, February 29th, 2016 by David Corrales
PowerShell Studio 2016 is released as part of the regular update cycle for our subscribers. We will cover all the new features in a series of “What’s New” articles. In this blog, Part 1, we introduce new UI features, including our new dark themes. But, there's more: in Part 2, we introduce our new debugging features, including variable and function breakpoints and improvements to the Variables pane. In Part 3, we look at some of the new editor features of PowerShell Studio 2016. In Part 4, we show the new customizable PrimalSense in PowerShell Studio 2016. Now let’s take a look…   More »

WMI Explorer 2016 released

Monday, February 22nd, 2016 by Alex Riedel
WMI Explorer 2016 was released as part of the regular update cycle for our subscribers. We added some improvements behind the scenes: - improved security blanket handling allows remote browsing for more machines on your network.- detect and handle classes with descriptions that have linefeed only line ending.- general performance enhancements. The most obvious change of course is the new default color scheme. If you do not get the new color settings after upgrading from the 2015 version, that is normal, as all 2015 settings are transferred automatically and that includes the currently selected skin. If you want the…   More »

iPowerShell Pro adds support for iOS 9 Features

Thursday, January 21st, 2016 by Ferdinand Rios
SAPIEN has just released another update to iPowerShell Pro, its iOS-based PowerShell editor and remote connectivity tool. With this update, we focussed primarily on iOS 9 compatibility. iPad Multi-Tasking iPowerShell Pro is now a good citizen in the iPad multi-tasking community. If you're using an iPad running iOS 9, you can split the screen and use two apps at the same time. This can take several forms depending on your iPad version. Slide over – Slide Over lets you interact with a second app without leaving the app you’re currently using. To see your previously-used apps, swipe from the right edge of…   More »

PowerShell Studio 2015: Service Release v4.2.96

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015 by David Corrales
We released a new service build for PowerShell Studio 2015 (v4.2.96).   In this release we introduced another new feature:   Create Module from Help If you aren’t familiar with PowerShell HelpWriter, it is a tool that lets you create external PowerShell help files (MAML) for existing modules or from scratch. PowerShell HelpWriter can be a useful design tool for creating modules, by allowing you to plan out your module’s cmdlets and its parameter sets before writing a single line of PowerShell code. This write-help-first design approach is made much easier with PowerShell Studio’s Create Module from Help File feature.…   More »

PowerShell HelpWriter – Service Release v1.0.16

Monday, November 2nd, 2015 by David Corrales
In the latest service release of PowerShell HelpWriter 2015, you will notice a few changes to the Select Module dialog that appears when creating a new help file. The updated dialog includes several new features.   Sorting Modules The module list can now be sorted by clicking on the respective column headers. In addition, we now added a new column that displays the module’s company information.     Filtering Modules   Tired of scrolling down a long list of modules? No more. You now can filter the modules by company using the new drop down list: Choose to display all…   More »

PrimalScript 2015 build 7.1.70 adds PowerShell parameter editing and code formatting

Monday, October 19th, 2015 by Alex Riedel
With service build 7.1.70 we add some additional PowerShell functionality to PrimalScript 2015. We added a user interface to edit or add parameters for your script and we slightly modified the ribbon “Edit” group to make these new items more accessible. Aside from editing the parameters of your script we also make the PowerShell function builder / editor more accessible and added the script formatter from PowerShell Studio. However, as opposed to PowerShell Studio the script formatting in PrimalScript is purely on demand. So unless you select this function the formatting of your script will not change. A new options…   More »