SAPIEN Software Suite : "I never in my wildest dreams thought that I could fully own such a wonderful set of tools. You guys have truly surpassed yourself. folks at SAPIEN sure know how to keep customers happy."—Miguel Velez-White, 01/23/2017
PowerShell Studio : "Still without a doubt the most productive IDE I have worked with in 20 years! Keep up the great work!"—Ken, Blog Reader and customer, 01/19/2017
WMI Explorer : "Just bought WMI Explorer and found a property I was *sure* wasn't in WMI after an hour of googling in 30s! Great product!"—Shawn Maiberger via Twitter, 09/16/2016
PowerShell HelpWriter : "...a great asset for PowerShell professionals looking to create complete help documentation."—Jeff Hicks, 05/22/2015
PrimalScript : "...made me three times the scripter than I was before."—Jarvis Davis, TechEd 2014, 05/14/2014
VersionRecall : "I do believe you have finally shot the blank stare monster when it comes to automated version control."—Ed Patterson, 04/16/2014
iPowerShell Pro : "It has definitely paid for itself in the short time that I have had it."—, 05/16/2012