SAPIEN Products : "...the best money I spend all year, period, business or otherwise."—Simon Savva, 11/19/2020
PowerShell Studio : "...given some of the challenges I've been having recently (mostly with Pester), I decided to give VS Code another try... After about an hour of suffering with terrible performance, I shut it down and came back to PowerShell Studio... a great product!"—HONDAAL, 08/21/2020
PrimalScript : "PrimalScript is such a great tool. It was my go-to for any scripting needs, and I still miss using it to this day. Can't recommend this product highly enough!"—Ryan Aubrey, 07/15/2019
PowerShell HelpWriter : "I've always loved the way their products make my work/life easier. They just keep delivering."—Thomas Ross on LinkedIn, 06/22/2018
SAPIEN DevOps Suite : "...some of the best software I've ever used. I've literally had my hands on it for two weeks and my life has completely changed... Seriously could go on for hours about how great your products are."—Nate, Customer, 10/06/2017
VersionRecall : "I do believe you have finally shot the blank stare monster when it comes to automated version control."—Ed Patterson, 04/16/2014