PowerShell Studio 2022

PowerShell Studio 2022

The premier editor and tool-making environment for PowerShell. This single tool will meet all your scripting needs. Work the way YOU want with PowerShell.

Create graphical tools using PowerShell with the easy to use GUI designer. Eliminate the need to write hundreds of lines of code manually. Utilize PowerShell Studio's templates and pre-wired controls to create advanced GUIs in no time. Create PowerShell script modules in minutes with PowerShell Studio. Easily convert your existing functions to a distributable module. PowerShell Studio features a robust editor with syntax coloring, reference highlighting, bookmarking, code formatting, and code completion. Create, edit, and manage code snippets to enhance your script development.

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Annual Subscription, billed monthly

$20.00 (USD)

per month

Annual Subscription, prepaid

$200.00 (USD)

per year

Perpetual License

$499.00 (USD)

single payment