Maintenance FAQ

We will answer some of the most common questions here, but if you happen to have any additional questions that are not addressed below, feel free to send those via email directly to

  • Am I required to renew my maintenance every year to keep using my software? No, licenses purchased are perpetual. The maintenance renewal allows you to receive application updates. Just like with a magazine subscription: You can still read the issues you have previously received, but you will not receive new ones in the mail after your subscription to the magazine has expired.

    The purchase of a new license includes the license and one year of maintenance. During the first year of maintenance you are entitled to receive free upgrades to all minor service builds and major product version releases. After the first year you can choose to renew your maintenance for another year, or not. The software will still work if you chose not to renew; you will be able to operate the application up to the last service build released before the expiration date, with no further maintenance support.

  • What happens if I don't renew my maintenance? You will no longer receive free upgrades to all minor service builds or major product versions as you did while under active maintenance. You will be eligible to download and use the application up to the very last version and build that was released before the expiration date of your maintenance. You will not receive any further upgrades, but anything you purchased will be available to you.

  • After my maintenance expires, how long do I have to renew at the Renewal price point? We offer a renewal period of no earlier than three months before the expiration date and no later than two months after expiration. With the renewal option, the date of your expiration will not change; instead, it will extend to the same expiration date of the next year, so waiting a few weeks will not get you any extra time.

  • What if my maintenance expired more than two months ago and there was a service build or new product version released that I need to upgrade to? If your maintenance expired more than two months ago, a new license will need to be purchased to obtain the latest software version and return to active maintenance.

  • How much is the cost for renewal each year? The maintenance renewal cost depends on the product and the purchase date. Please contact for any specific pricing questions.

  • If maintenance relates to updates, then what is Premium Support? Premium Support is our elevated technical support option that has an additional cost per license, per year, and provides access to our direct technical ticketing system. This ticketing system offers a guaranteed response time of within 24 hours, and personalized attention until the issue has been resolved. Premium Support is only available to users under active maintenance. Therefore, if your maintenance is expired, you will not be able to renew or add Premium Support without renewing the maintenance or purchasing a new license. It is also worth noting that Premium Support covers product support questions only. For scripting or programming support, please visit our ScriptingAnswers forum.

  • I am operating a 2018 (or older) version of the product. How do I upgrade to the latest version? A new license will need to be purchased to be up to date with our latest software version. For additional questions or concerns regarding this, please contact directly.