Legacy Products

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This page lists products that SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. developed and sold in the past, but are no longer available. Typically, we stop offering products when we develop superior products or when technology changes make the product obsolete.

If you're using one of these products, you can continue to use it as long as you like, but SAPIEN no longer sells or updates the product.

Consider the alternative product listed below the legacy product name, when appropriate.

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Consider using VersionRecall.

Main repository view

No matter whether you work alone, or in a small team, ChangeVue can adapt to your needs.

It's a simplified version control system with very few pre-requisites. It integrates directly with PrimalScript, Visual Studio, as well as any other SourceSafe compatible editor, or can be used entirely on its own. It follows the basic model of check-in / check-out, and automatically retains old versions of checked-in files and allows you to review and retrieve older versions at any time.

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PrimalForms CE

Consider using PowerShell Studio.

PrimalForms CE Startpage

The community edition of PrimalForms is no longer available. It has been replaced with PowerShell Studio. The original designer was extremely outdated and had various flaws / limitations that have been resolved and updated in PowerShell Studio.


Consider using PowerShell Studio.

PrimalForms 2011 Debugger

PowerShell... like you have never experienced it before. Visual, easy, and still incredibly powerful. Have it all with PrimalForms: The next generation PowerShell development environment.

PrimalForms became PowerShell Studio in 2012. You can read the announcement in our blog archives. PowerShell Studio has come a long way since then! If you don't already have it, download your free trial here.