Feature Comparison
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PowerShell Studio
VS Code
PowerShell syntax highlighting
PowerShell Intellisense
Windows Form Designer
Windows Form Templates
Windows PowerShell Console
PowerShell 7 Console
PowerShell Function Builder
Multiple consoles simultaneously
Support for 32 and 64-bit simultaneously
Support elevated script execution
Support Version Control
Support for additional scripting languages
Undo between sessions
Complete sessions rollback per file
Comment/ Uncomment/ Region option
PowerShell Module/Cmdlet Browser
Integrated PowerShell Help
Snippet Browser
Code/Functions Browser
COM Objects Browser
Database Browser
WMI/CIM Browser
.NET Object Browser
File Browser
Local PowerShell Debugging
Debugger support for Windows PowerShell and PowerShell 7
Remote PowerShell Debugging
Script Profiler (CPU & Memory usage)
Script Profiler (Function coverage)
PowerShell Profile Management
PSScriptAnalyzer Integration
Pester Integration
File Comparison Tool
Windows Sandbox support
Automatic PowerShell Runspace Reset
Script Packager
Packaging for Windows PowerShell and PowerShell 7
MSI Builder
Automatic Script Signing
Script Explorer