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Show ALL Variables and its values in Variables pane, Nov. 26, 2019Under Review



I have noticed something that is lacking in PrimalScript 2019 when writing VBScript code, but this could apply to other languages as well. When running a script (vbs in my case) in debug mode, I noticed that when I place a breakpoint in a particular Sub or Function, and the debug procedure (yellow arrow) is stopped at that breakpoint while debugging, I see that the Variables pane only shows the variables and their values for THAT Sub or Function only, but NOT the entire script. I would be nice if the Variables pane would have like procedure (or class)  or other level based filters, allowing for one to choose which Sub or Function or Class to view variables from regardless of where the debug procedure (yellow arrow) is stopped, including one filter that is Script Level Only, and also have a choice of ALL Variables in order to view the variables for the entire script, so all procedures, including Subs and Functions, Classes, along with the script level variables. There were times where this would have come in handy while I was debugging my scripts, since I frequently pass around variable values as arguments on an inter-procedural basis. I think the filter that is applied by default should be the procedure (Sub or Function) or class or level of where the yellow arrow is stopped in debug mode, but one should be allowed to change that filter to see all variables, or other variables in other procedures/classes/script level.




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