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`Requests` Autosize input box

Bosparan, Jun. 29, 2017Released:
December 5, 2017


one thing on the qebsite that sometimes irritates me, is that the text box when submitting a request or writing a comment (the very thing I'm typing into right now) does not autosize. It's fairly small and when you add more lines than it appears to expect (it comes presized for ~4 lines of text), then it simply adds a scroll bar. Not the most comfortable way to handle things. I'd prefer it if the input box would rather grow in height for a time until maybe 12-14 lines are covered before starting to scroll within the input box.

Sure, I can manually resize the box, so I'm not exactly crippled by it, but I'll always vote for more convenience (if the effort needed to make it happen is realistic. Don't know whether the tools you have at hand make that easy or not).

All things considered, I'd assign it a low priority but still consider it an improvement.


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