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`Requests` Anonymous access

Bosparan, Jun. 23, 2017Released:
June 26, 2017

once it's publically announced, I'd like to see the requests website opened to anonymous users. Currently it demands login.

Anonymous users obviously can't vote or create new requests, but

  1. It's solid advertisment. "We've got a platform to listen to our users, give feedback and implement their ideas where feasible"
    Besides, you'll generate an ongoing list of implemented requests, which also looks good to visitors.
  2. It makes it a lot easier to link in external discussions. We often discuss stuff in the channels, in forums, at user groups â?¦
    When I can just paste a link and say "It's under development" or "No, they don't have it yet but there's a request open, why not add your voice to the call?", it's so much more convenient

Request closed for comments and voting.