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`Requests` Display own submitted issues even before release

Bosparan, Jun. 23, 2017Released:
June 26, 2017

When submitting a new issue, it is still hidden until approved.

On general principle I agree, but a user should still see his or her own issues anyway, because it'll be quite confusing ("Did they get my request? Should I submit it again?"), especially without easy access to the email address they registered under.

So, seeing their own requests right away would remove that piece of uncertainty. Maybe with a note under the status so he knows other people won't see it yet.

It would also allow the user to instantly link to an issue as he creates it, rather than having to wait, which is a lot easier for casual use:

Imagine this workflow:

- Some guys discuss how nice it would be to have feature XYZ
- One of 'em decides "Hey, why don't I just file a request on that"
- That guy files a request
- Back in the channel he can now directly link the issue "Hey, I just filed a request for that idea. Once they approve it, why don't ya all vote it up?"

Currently, he might have to wait a day (different timezone) and the discussion will have moved on ...

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