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`Configuration` Advanced Settings panel

Bosparan, Feb. 28, 2018Under Review

One of the strengths of PowerShell Studio is its flexibility. There are so many options you can tune it with, that many users don't even know what it can do!

Now that's not necessarily a bad thing, but the forest of options makes it hard for casual users to find the ones relevant to them. Furthermore, the UI has been pretty much filled to its capacity limit with checkboxes, labels and drop-down menus in order to accommodate all these settings.

This makes it harder to add new settings (Where to put them? Do we want to confuse uisers more?)

Soo how about splitting the configuration settings?

  • The current interface remains with the majority of its settings
  • Additional, more granular settings are added under "Advanced Options", which basically is a spreadsheet with three columns - "Name", "Value" and "Description", with the user able to only edit the "Value" section.

This would make it easier to roll out granular / detailed / background settings, since it would take out the ambiguity of user friendlyness and avoid having to do UI updates.


I generally believe the way PSS configurations are being handled, in order to support merging settings from multiple sources. Notably:

  • Global User preference
  • Company policy
  • Per Project settings

Putting this all together would certainly be a bigger undertaking than merely adding some table with conversion logic behind it, but doing it all in one go would certainly avoid work duplication.

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