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`Templates` New Files Template in Projects

Bosparan, Dec. 17, 2017Under Review

When adding a new file to a module project, I have the choice between an empty ps1 file or an empty form file.

PowerShell Studio will not consider file templates for new module files. However I would very much like to introduce my own templates, as the defaults do not really cover my needs.

Thus I would appreciate it, if you would enable a way to include file templates for projects.

Alright, how do I see them implemented?

  1. Include a folder for global templates
  2. Enable individual projects to have their own templates shipped in the template folder and listed in template.xml
  3. Have projects with per-project file-templates create a folder named "PSSTemplates" and include the files there.
    The folder PSSTemplates and its contents are not published, individual file settings are used when creating a file from the template file

This - especially option 3 - make it simple to maintain templates not only on a per-project-type basis, but also on a per-project basis

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