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`Templates` Project templates revamp

Bosparan, Oct. 13, 2017Released:


I've recently been messing with your template system and must say: I rather enjoy it. I've created my own extensive module project template and noticed some features were still missing and there were some issues:

  • template.xml does not honor folders. My default module has a lot of folders, with content and everything.
    I've worked around this mostly by placing a launching script in the psm1 file which I execute within PowerShell Studio after generating the project. Part of this execution is to replace itself with the proper content for the psm1 file.
  • Files marked within template.xml for rename will be completely renamed and only the extension remains. However, in some cases, I'd only want part of the file name updated (specifically: about_ModuleName.help.txt).
  • You support a lot of placeholder entries that upon initialization of the project will be filled in. Is there one for the project path? Would have been handy in some of the customizations I deploy, the workaround has been a bit clunky.


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