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Debug to last state

MrNevermore, Oct. 12, 2017Under Review

Often when I am writing a script with a GUI that has multiple forms I will have to repeatedly go through each and every step to get to where I was last debugging. It'd be awesome if PS Studio remembered all of the steps and inputs that was generated when the debugger was last run, then place a button that would allow you to run from your last state before the script/program terminated or was stopped.


Ex: I am populating a gridview, then select cell (1,4 Which has a SAMAccountName or something like that) and then click the "view more details" button which fires off a Get-ADUser cmdlet and opens a new form that displays the results of the Get-ADUser. But I notice that I forgot to filter the results using Select, so I stop the debugger. I'd like to be able to click the button I am proposing to relaunch the debugger, with PS Studio remembering that the gridview was populated with X data, and that Cell Y was selected, and then Button Z was pressed to call form 2 etc.

It could stil stop at each breakpoint that you have set, but wouldn't require interaction with the form. It would then stop at the last known line that the debugger was stopped or terminated at.

Of course this wouldn't have to apply strictly to GUI apps, but debugging period.

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