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In PowerShell Studio be able to run "New Module from Functions" from the command line

cmonahan, Oct. 10, 2017Under Review

Copied from feature requests forum post: https://www.sapien.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=11211 .


  I have a lot of utility functions for our VMware environment that I started packaging into a module for convenience, so I didn't have to dot source individual files.  It would also be easier to distribute the functions to the rest of the team.

  I keep all the functions as one function per ps1 file for easy editing and git tracking.  I update individual functions often enough that this would be a time/click saver.

My workflow is:
1- Edit the single file function.ps1
2- Commit to git
3- Run "New Module from Functions" from the gui. (This would be changed to "from the commandline".)
X- Copy the new module files to the file share for general use   --- 10/10/2017- On second thought, this should not be a feature.   It breaks the PowerShell "do one small thing well" principle.

Desired features:
1- Specify a directory with a recurse option for the list of functions to add.
2- Pass a text file of file paths for the list of functions to add.
3- Optional- Maybe a config/project file to specify the options.
4- Be able to set the module version. Optionally auto-increment the version.
5- Add other module manifest information. Maybe the suggested config/project file would be a good place to store that.
6- Optionally update an existing module instead of rebuilding from scratch. Only the function would be replaced and the module version incremented.

Thank you,


10/10/2017 Update- I've expanded my use of modules and the other admins are expanding their use of PowerShell.  This would be a big help.

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