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AutoComplete with parenthesize

DrewEaston, Jun. 24, 2019Under Review

When writing code in PowerShell Studio (PSS) (the year version does NOT matter) that are many many times where we enter a set of parenthesize in order to do something.

This example uses the If command.

When writing code such as:

If (

PSS will complete it to:

If ()

With the cursor between the two parenthesize.

When continuing to write from the cursor position something like this:

If ($testString.ToUpp)

PrimalSense will prompt the user with the appropriate possible calls. This particular method, ".ToUpper" needs to have opening and closing parenthesize itself. When I hit the key to complete the code PSS currently only adds the opening parenthesize making the code look like this:

If ($testString.ToUpper()

This is problematic, if I want to add the closing parenthesize myself PSS just overwrites the one that it already inserted, that does NOT help the programmer at all and then I have to hit a second closing parenthesize to complete the code correctly.
(so much for helping the programmer code faster :-( )

This is a waste of time and slows down what should be SPEED programming in a GREAT tool!

The code should have looked like this after I hit the key:

If ($testString.ToUpper())

with the cursor between the two parenthesize so that I can either enter a variable name or hit the double quote symbol to enter a literal string.

This will save countless key strokes around the world and speed up ALL programmers who are smart enough to use it, once SAPIEN has implemented it.

Being as this is something new and many programmer as used to the OLD way of writing I suggest that this be enabled through the "Code Formatting" options so that each person can set it how they work best.

Drew Easton

P.S. Let me know when it has been implemented, I need it yesterday :-)

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