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"Document Selector" Dialog: Please resize it to get useful information

Jehoschua, Jun. 2, 2019Under Review

Good evening

Because PowerShell is very verbose, we often have commands like this: Disable-NetworkSwitchEthernetPort, therefore, the filenames are almost longer than 25 characters.

Unfortunately, the Sapien PowerShell Studio "Document Selector" Dialog just displays about 15 Characters of the Filenames, so that they're usually cut off in pointless ways.

Notabene: the Screen is able to display ~300 characters on one line.

Could you please either:

  • allow us to resize the "Document Selector" Dialog
  • or allow us to configure the size
  • or dynamically resize the Dialog, so that all Filenames are completely displayed
  • or display at least 35 characters


Thanks a lot, kind regards,

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