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SAPIEN Account Settings Sync

D.Leaman, Mar. 9, 2019Under Review


IntelliJ has a neat feature I just recently discovered where you can sync your IDE settings to your IntelliJ account and then it'll sync changes between your various devices, and I think this would be an amazing addition to PowerShell Studio (as well as the other products). And while there is already the export settings feature, having PowerShell Studio automatically sync them to my SAPIEN Account would be next level.


  • Default behavior could be something along the lines of: On startup, check your local settings with your settings synced to your account. If your local settings differ, prompt the user to ask if they would like to overwrite their local or remote settings configuration.
  • Option Possibility: A checkbox control for enabling/disabling the confirmation and instead just overwriting your local settings so you always have the latest changes.


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