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Self-Contained exe which contains PS and Net

ALIENQuake, Feb. 2, 2019Under Review

Be able to create so called "Self-Contained" exe which contains PS and Net. It's exactly the same situation as for Electron-based app: Electron ships local copy of Chrome. 

1. Once PowerShell Core has moved over to .NET Core 3.0 with Forms, include all files from Powershell Core and Net Core 3 into exe itself


2. Include all files from Powershell 5.1 (and probably some part of Net 4.5.2 files) into exe itself

- my app is portable single exe, it dose't use any OS features (Right-Click entry etc) which require "Installation/UnInstallation"
- ensure no dependency from shared NET so I can be sure that my app will work correctly 5 years from now
- Windows 7 support is highly important and using PS2 Host is not an option, I need Powershell 5.1 features

so I need a way to avoid requiring PS 5.1 and NET 4.5.2 installation for Windows 7. With self-contained exe, I could stop worrying about it.

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