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Please finally allow us to change the Keyboard Shortcuts

Jehoschua, Jan. 18, 2019Under Review

Good evening

For an IDE, the usability is one of the most important features. The Sapien PowerShell Studio has great features, but the Keyboard Shortcuts are very annoying - especially very often used commands like Ctrl + Alt + P, G - it's already a pain to type it ;-)...

Please finally allow us to modify Keyboard Shortcuts - or even better: allow us to select the default keyboard mapping and share own mappings in a Team.


Such basic features are important: We already have users wich replaced Sapien PowerShell Studio by Visual Studio Code - just because of it's daily much better usability and the 'Visual Studio Keymapping' is installed in some seconds.

For me as the CIO, it's annoying to support more than one IDE for one programming language and Sapien has advantages compared to VS Code, therefore I still prefer PowerShell Studio.

But Sapien ignores simple but important feature requests very persistently, therefore we're close to stopping using PowerShell Studio.

Which feature requests you're ignoring persistently? 
For example to automatically highlight the selected word. And - of course - not only in the source code, but in comments, too. We're waiting since years for it and assigning Ctrl + w to a similar (but less useful / incomplete :-() function, is annoying, because, since ~20 years, Ctrl + w is a very common hotkey to close the current file.


Kind regards,


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