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`Activation` Alternative Activation Mode: Azure Application

Bosparan, Oct. 31, 2018Denied:
We will not tie our activation process to Microsoft infrastructure outside of our control.

Currently, activating Sapien software requires a Sapien account and a key bound to that account.
Then we have two activations per license, and that's that. This comes with several disadvantages:

  • Access to the software is only possible on those two machines (while alternative solutions can be available on every computer)
  • License Assignment needs to be individually tracked
  • Licenses are harder to manage (For example: Reassigning a license when an employee left and did not share his Sapien account data | Or if shared Sapien account: Deployment becomes cumbersome unless sharing access to that account, granting everybody access to not-yet consumed licenses / activations)
  • Activations are actually per machine when the license is per user.

Supporting a license system via AzureAD integration would allow:

  • Central license management by companies
  • True per user activation
  • Accessing the software from any machine

It would also allow leveraging other tools available via cloud infrastructure, such as profile/resource sharing across devices based on identity out-of-the-box.

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