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`CBH` Updated and Predefined parameter help

Bosparan, Oct. 31, 2018Under Review

One of the great convenience feature in PSS is the ability to generate and update Comment Based Help.

Two aspects relating to parameters however could use some improvement:

  • Optional automatic parameters - like -Whatif/-Confirm - do not have autoamtic help, in opposite to regular common parameters. Thus it would be great if the generate CBH functionality could evaluate the Cmdletbinding and also add help for those parameters.
  • Many times, I have parameters shared across many or all commands in a given module. Being able to define a default help for those would be helpful.

Specifically, I would like to ...

  • Have a few Sapien default help texts (notably for the autoamtic parameters such as -Whatif or -Confirm
  • Have a way to provide "templates" for them on a per-user basis
  • Have a way to allow an organization to deploy centralized templates (e.g. registry key pointing at network path)
  • Have a way to define project-wide default help texts

The precedence would then be:
Per Project > User Defined > Organization Defined > Sapien Defined > Default text

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