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`Formatting` Autoformat Hashtables Values with Whitespace

Bosparan, Oct. 12, 2018Under Review


I generally am a person that uses TABs for indentation. Been doing that for years and it just works for me.

However, PowerShell Studio will also format other aspects with TABs the moment I pick that, notable the values on hashtables. This makes them difficult to display on different platforms, since each line depends on how the current platform (github website, some commandline, other editors) renders tabs and each row might have a different number of them!
The end result is a pretty ugly hashtable outside of PowerShell Studio.

Also the auto-formatter seems to have the occasional issue with finding the right width to order the values on the hashtable on, as long as you use TABs for indentation.

So ... could we have an option to use TABs only for indentation?


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