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More code formatting options

JohnMoe, Aug. 1, 2018Under Review

I'd like to see a few more options in the Editor -> Formatting -> Formatting section, such as:

  • Whether to insert a space or not between param keyword and opening bracket: "param(" vs. "param ("
  • Whether to insert a space between a type and variable: "`System.String`$myVar" vs. "`System.String` $myVar"

Others that might fit in this sort of category might be:

  • Whether to insert a space between if and (, foreach and (, etc
  • Whether to insert spaces in variable assignment: "x=1" vs. "x = 1"

I could probably list others, but some popular full-blown IDEs such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, and IntelliJ all have more granular options for code formatting, some of which could be applied to PowerShell as well.

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