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Get-AzureLocation, microsoft.windowsazure.commands.servicemanagement.dll


Gets the resource types and the Azure data center locations that support them.


Get-AzureLocation [<CommonParameters>]

Detailed Description

The Get-AzureLocation cmdlet gets the Azure data center locations that support each resource type. This cmdlet returns all resource types and locations. It has no parameters.A resource is a user-managed entity, such as a website, database server, or database. When you create a resource, you need to specify a location, and not every location supports all resource types. Before you create your resources, use this cmdlet to find a location for each resource.Azure resources are members of a resource group, which is a collection of resources that are deployed as a unit. Resource groups have a location, but the group and its members do not need to be in the same location.


Input Type


Return Type



The Get-AzureLocation cmdlet is included in the Azure Resource Manager module beginning in module version 0.8.0.


-------------------------- Example 1: Get all locations --------------------------

This command gets all resources and the locations in which they are supported.

PS C:\>Get-AzureLocation
Name                                               Locations

----                                               ---------

ResourceGroup                                      East Asia, South East Asia, East US, West US, North Central US,  South Central US, Central US, North Europe, West Europebiztalkservices/biztalk                            Central US, West Europe

microsoft.insights/alertrules                      Central US, East US

microsoft.insights/autoscalesettings               Central US, East US

microsoft.insights/components                      Central US

microsoft.insights/webtests                        Central US                          Central US, West Europe


-------------------------- Example 2: Get locations that support web sites --------------------------

This examples shows how to find a location that supports a web site resource and how to use the location in a command to create a web site.

PS C:\>Get-AzureLocation | Where-Object Name -like "*web*site*" 

Name                                               Locations
----                                               ---------
Microsoft.Web/sites             North Central US, Central USPS


C:\>New-AzureResource -Name MyWebSite -Location 'North Central US' ...

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