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# Description 
    This resource is used to manage SharePoint Service Application Proxy Groups. 
    The "Ensure" parameter controls whether or not the Proxy Group should exist. A 
    proxy group cannot be removed if a web application is using it. The 
    "ServiceAppProxies" property will set a specific list of Service App Proxies 
    to be members of this Proxy Group. It will add and remove proxies to ensure 
    the group matches this list exactly. The "ServiceAppProxiesToInclude" and 
    "ServiceAppProxiesToExclude" properties will allow you to add and remove 
    proxies from the group, leaving other proxies that are in the group but not in 
    either list intact. 
    Use the proxy group name "Default" to manipulate the default proxy group. 
    At least one of the ServiceAppProxies, ServiceAppProxiesToInclude or 
    ServiceAppProxiesToExclude properties needs to be specified. Do not combine 
    the ServiceAppProxies property with the ServiceAppProxiesToInclude and 
    Key - String 
    Name of the Proxy Group to create 
    Write - string 
    Allowed values: Present, Absent 
    Present creates the proxy group if it does not already exist, Absent will delete the proxy group if it exists 
.PARAMETER ServiceAppProxies 
    Write - String 
    List of service application proxies that belong in this proxy group, all others will be removed 
.PARAMETER ServiceAppProxiesToInclude 
    Write - String 
    List of service application proxies to add to this proxy group, existing proxies will remain 
.PARAMETER ServiceAppProxiesToExclude 
    Write - String 
    List of service application proxies to remove from this proxy grop, all others will remain 
.PARAMETER InstallAccount 
    Write - String 
    POWERSHELL 4 ONLY: The account to run this resource as, use PsDscRunAsCredential if using PowerShell 5 


    This example creates two seperate proxy groups of service apps that can be  
    assigned to web apps in the farm 
    Configuration Example  
            [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)] 
        Import-DscResource -ModuleName SharePointDsc 
        node localhost { 
            SPServiceAppProxyGroup ProxyGroup1 
                Name                = "Proxy Group 1" 
                Ensure              = "Present" 
                ServiceAppProxies   = "Web 1 User Profile Service Application","Web 1 MMS Service Application","State Service Application" 
            SPServiceAppProxyGroup ProxyGroup2 
                Name                = "Proxy Group 2" 
                Ensure              = "Present" 
                ServiceAppProxiesToInclude = "Web 2 User Profile Service Application"