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# Description 
    This resource is used to configure search result sources in the SharePoint 
    search service application. Result sources can be configured to be of the 
    following provider types: 
    * Exchange Search Provider 
    * Local People Provider 
    * Local SharePoint Provider 
    * OpenSearch Provider 
    * Remote People Provider 
    * Remote SharePoint Provider 
    Key - String 
    The name of the result source 
.PARAMETER SearchServiceAppName 
    Required - String 
    The name of the search service application to associate this result source with 
    Required - String 
    The query to pass to the provider source 
.PARAMETER ProviderType 
    Required - String 
    Allowed values: Exchange Search Provider, Local People Provider, Local SharePoint Provider, OpenSearch Provider, Remote People Provider, Remote SharePoint Provider 
    The provider type to use for the result source 
.PARAMETER ConnectionUrl 
    Write - String 
    The URI to connect to the remote location 
    Write - string 
    Allowed values: Present, Absent 
    Present if the result source should exist, absent if it should not 
.PARAMETER InstallAccount 
    Write - String 
    POWERSHELL 4 ONLY: The account to run this resource as, use PsDscRunAsCredential if using PowerShell 5 


    This example shows how to create a remote sharepoint search result source 
    Configuration Example  
            [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)] 
        Import-DscResource -ModuleName SharePointDsc 
        node localhost { 
            SPSearchResultSource RemoteSharePointFarm 
                Name = "External SharePoint results" 
                SearchServiceAppName = "Search Service Application" 
                Query = "{searchTerms}" 
                ProviderType = "Remote SharePoint Provider" 
                PsDscRunAsCredential = $SetupAccount