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# Description 
    This resource is responsible for creating search indexes. It works by creating 
    the index topology components and updating the topology from the server that 
    runs this resource. For this reason this resource only needs to run from one 
    server and not from each server which will host the index component. The 
    search service application and existing search topology must be deployed 
    before creating additional indexes. The first index will be created through 
    the use of the SPSearchRoles resource. Additional search index partitions can 
    be created through using this resource. 
    Note that for the search topology to apply correctly, the path specified for 
    RootDirectory needs to exist on the server that is executing this resource. For 
    example, if the below example was executed on "Server1" it would also need to 
    ensure that it was able to create the index path at I:\. If no disk labeled I: 
    was available on server1, this would fail, even though it will not hold an 
    actual index component. 
    Key - Uint32 
    The number of the partition in this farm 
    Required - String 
    A list of the servers that this partition should exist on 
.PARAMETER RootDirectory 
    Write - String 
    The directory that the index should use locally on each server to store data 
.PARAMETER ServiceAppName 
    Required - String 
    The name of the search service application 
.PARAMETER InstallAccount 
    Write - String 
    POWERSHELL 4 ONLY: The account to run this resource as, use PsDscRunAsCredential if using PowerShell 5 


    This example adds an extra search partition to the local farms topology 
    Configuration Example  
            [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)] 
        Import-DscResource -ModuleName SharePointDsc 
        node localhost { 
            SPSearchIndexPartition AdditionalPartition 
                Servers              = @("Server2", "Server3") 
                Index                = 1 
                RootDirectory        = "I:\SearchIndexes\1" 
                ServiceAppName       = "Search Service Application" 
                PsDscRunAsCredential = $SetupAccount