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# Description 
    This resource is responsible for configuring settings to do with the diagnostic 
    (ULS) logging on servers in the farm. These settings are applied to the 
    diagnostic logging service for the farm and do not need to be applied to each 
    server individually, the settings will be propagated throughout the farm when 
    Key - string 
    The physical path on each server to store ULS logs 
    Required - uint32 
    The space in GB that should be used to store ULS logs 
.PARAMETER AppAnalyticsAutomaticUploadEnabled 
    Write - boolean 
    Should app analytics automatically be uploaded 
.PARAMETER CustomerExperienceImprovementProgramEnabled 
    Write - boolean 
    Should the customer experience program be enabled in this farm 
.PARAMETER DaysToKeepLogs 
    Write - uint32 
    How many days should ULS logs be kept for 
.PARAMETER DownloadErrorReportingUpdatesEnabled 
    Write - boolean 
    Should updates to error reporting tools be automatically downloaded 
.PARAMETER ErrorReportingAutomaticUploadEnabled 
    Write - boolean 
    Should error reports be automatically uploaded 
.PARAMETER ErrorReportingEnabled 
    Write - boolean 
    Should reporting of errors be enabled 
.PARAMETER EventLogFloodProtectionEnabled 
    Write - boolean 
    Protect event logs with Event Log Flood Protection 
.PARAMETER EventLogFloodProtectionNotifyInterval 
    Write - uint32 
    What interval should the event logs report a flood event 
.PARAMETER EventLogFloodProtectionQuietPeriod 
    Write - uint32 
    What quiet period should reset the event log flood protection thresholds 
.PARAMETER EventLogFloodProtectionThreshold 
    Write - uint32 
    What is the event log flood protection threshold 
.PARAMETER EventLogFloodProtectionTriggerPeriod 
    Write - uint32 
    What is the time period that will trigger event log flood protection 
.PARAMETER LogCutInterval 
    Write - uint32 
    How many minutes of activity will a ULS log file leep in an individual file 
.PARAMETER LogMaxDiskSpaceUsageEnabled 
    Write - boolean 
    Will the maximum disk space setting be enabled 
.PARAMETER ScriptErrorReportingDelay 
    Write - uint32 
    What delay will be set before script error reporting is triggered 
.PARAMETER ScriptErrorReportingEnabled 
    Write - boolean 
    Is script error reporting enabled in this farm 
.PARAMETER ScriptErrorReportingRequireAuth 
    Write - boolean 
    Require users to be authenticated to allow script errors to be reported 
.PARAMETER InstallAccount 
    Write - String 
    POWERSHELL 4 ONLY: The account to run this resource as, use PsDscRunAsCredential if using PowerShell 5 


    This example applies the specified diagnostic logging settings to the local 
    SharPoint farm. Any setting not defined will be left as it default, or to 
    whatever value has been manually configured outside of DSC. 
    Configuration Example  
            [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)] 
        Import-DscResource -ModuleName SharePointDsc 
        node localhost { 
            SPDiagnosticLoggingSettings ApplyDiagnosticLogSettings 
                PsDscRunAsCredential                        = $SetupAccount 
                LogPath                                     = "L:\ULSLogs" 
                LogSpaceInGB                                = 10 
                AppAnalyticsAutomaticUploadEnabled          = $false 
                CustomerExperienceImprovementProgramEnabled = $true 
                DaysToKeepLogs                              = 7 
                DownloadErrorReportingUpdatesEnabled        = $false 
                ErrorReportingAutomaticUploadEnabled        = $false 
                ErrorReportingEnabled                       = $false 
                EventLogFloodProtectionEnabled              = $true 
                EventLogFloodProtectionNotifyInterval       = 5 
                EventLogFloodProtectionQuietPeriod          = 2 
                EventLogFloodProtectionThreshold            = 5 
                EventLogFloodProtectionTriggerPeriod        = 2 
                LogCutInterval                              = 15 
                LogMaxDiskSpaceUsageEnabled                 = $true 
                ScriptErrorReportingDelay                   = 30 
                ScriptErrorReportingEnabled                 = $true 
                ScriptErrorReportingRequireAuth             = $true