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# Description 
    This resource is used to set the global antivirus settings for the local farm. 
    These settings will be used to control the behavior of an external anti-virus 
    scanning tool that is able to integrate with SharePoint. Note that this will 
    not scan documents for viruses on it's own, an external tool still needs to be 
    installed on the servers that integrates with SharePoint. 
.PARAMETER ScanOnDownload 
    Key - Boolean 
    Should documents be scanned before being downloaded 
.PARAMETER ScanOnUpload 
    Write - Boolean 
    Should documents be scanned on upload 
.PARAMETER AllowDownloadInfected 
    Write - Boolean 
    Should documents that are infected be allowed to be downloaded 
.PARAMETER AttemptToClean 
    Write - Boolean 
    Should infected documents be handed to the AV engine to attempt cleaning 
.PARAMETER TimeoutDuration 
    Write - Uint16 
    What is the timeout for an AV scan in seconds 
.PARAMETER NumberOfThreads 
    Write - Uint16 
    How many concurrent threads should the AV engine be able to run on a server 
.PARAMETER InstallAccount 
    Write - String 
    POWERSHELL 4 ONLY: The account to run this resource as, use PsDscRunAsCredential if using PowerShell 5 


    This example shows how to apply specific anti-virus configuration to the farm 
    Configuration Example  
            [Parameter(Mandatory = $true)] 
        Import-DscResource -ModuleName SharePointDsc 
        node localhost { 
            SPAntivirusSettings AVSettings 
                ScanOnDownload        = $true 
                ScanOnUpload          = $true 
                AllowDownloadInfected = $false 
                AttemptToClean        = $false