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    Plaster is a scaffolding engine for PowerShell. It can be used to create a 
    single file such as a DSC resource script file. Or it can be used to 
    scaffold a set of related files and directories such as the files required 
    for a PowerShell module with Pester tests. 


    Plaster operates on a Plaster template which consists of a manifest file 
    (plasterManifest.xml) and a set of content files and directories that will 
    be copied to the destination path the user chooses. The manifest is an XML 
    file that consists of the three sections: metadata, parameters, and content. 
    The metadata section of the manifest is used to supply information about the 
    template e.g. a unique id, name, version, title, author and tags. 
    The parameters section of the manifest is used to describe choices the 
    template user can choose from. Those choices are then used to conditionally 
    create files and folders and modify existing files under the specified 
    destination path. These parameters can be specified via dynamic parameters 
    for non-interactive scenarios. 
    The content section is used to specify what actions the template will 
    perform under the user's chosen destination directory. This includes copying 
    files to the destination, copy & expanding template files, modifying files, 
    verifying required modules are installed and displaying messages to the user. 
    See the help topic about_Plaster_CreatingAManifest for more details on 
    authoring a Plaster manifest file. 


    Plaster supports template localization by support multiple manifest files 
    suffixed with the local e.g. plasterManifest_fr-FR.xml or 
    plasterManifest_de-DE.xml. The strings displayed to the user in these 
    manifest files should be in the corresponding language. 


- https://github.com/PowerShell/Plaster -