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PowerShell Studio - Help Manual

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Welcome to PowerShell Studio

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Windows PowerShell scripting and tool-making has never been easier!

Welcome to PowerShell Studio, the premier scripting and tool-making environment for Windows PowerShell. This single tool will meet all your scripting needs. In addition to creating graphical tools using Windows PowerShell with the GUI designer, you can also create Windows PowerShell script modules in minutes and easily convert your existing functions to a distributable module.


PowerShell Studio features a robust editor and a script packager with advanced option and platform selections to help you deliver solutions targeted at specific environments.

What's New in PowerShell Studio

We are continually updating PowerShell Studio, both to add and improve product features, and to remove software bugs.

Blog: For the latest PowerShell Studio tips, product feature demonstrations, and much more, check out the PowerShell Studio articles on the SAPIEN blog.

Version History: To view a brief synopsis of what was changed, added, or fixed in the most recent PowerShell Studio builds, view the product version history.

Product Updates

When you buy a registered copy of PowerShell Studio, you receive all major builds and product releases free for the first year. We recommend always staying current with the most recent version of PowerShell Studio to take advantage of the latest features, functionality, and product stability.

PowerShell Studio notifies you automatically when a software update is available by displaying a flag in the top-right of the program window, above the ribbon:

Click on the flag button to open the Notifications dialog, which is also used for other announcements such as when your maintenance subscription is about to expire.

 You can check for software updates anytime by selecting the Help ribbon > Check For Updates.

For more information about product updates, see SAPIEN Updates.

Get Help

Your license for PowerShell Studio includes complete technical support. To obtain support, please visit SAPIEN support. SAPIEN also offers an annual Premium Technical Support, at an additional cost per license per year, which gives you access to our direct technical ticketing system. Premium Support guarantees a response time of within 24 hours with personalized attention until the issue has been resolved.

Product Version Information

You will need to provide your product version information when you post in the support forums.

To find your product version number

On the top-right of the ribbon header, click the About icon:

In the About SAPIEN PowerShell Studio window, click the Copy Version Info button to capture your product version information:


SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. provides administrative tools to support all of your Windows scripting needs.