.net 4.5 assembly with PrimalForms2011

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.net 4.5 assembly with PrimalForms2011

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I am using some powershell code inside primalforms where I need acces to a .net 4.5-assembly. As far as I run the file in a powershell console or in primal forms with "run in console" I can succesfully load the assembly (see screenshot. I have attached a screenshot of the code because I was not able to insert this code here. I got an error: "you can´t have off-site URLS...").

If I convert the pff-file to a EXE-File or I run in primalforms with "run file" I will get an error, that the assembly was not found.
I have already tried the new trial of "powershell studio 2015" and there It´s working if i compile the pff to exe. But I need to get it running with our old licensed version "primal forms 2011".

Any ideas?
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.net 4.5 assembly with PrimalForms2011

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Re: .net 4.5 assembly with PrimalForms2011

Post by davidc »

PrimalForms 2011 is was written in .NET 2.0 and therefore cannot load newer assemblies of later .NET platforms. This includes PrimalForms 2011's packager.

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