Free Tools Support Policy

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Free Tools Support Policy

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The free tools from are available primarily on an AS-IS basis, meaning we do not provide formal support for them. They were working on our systems at the time of distribution, although we may not have conducted extensive tests on a variety of operating systems or in a variety of scenarios. This is commensurate with the tools' free status, as opposed to a commercial product which receives more extensive testing.

If you encounter problems using the tools, you're welcome to post here. However, to ensure that you have a reasonable expectation of how we will treat any bug reports, here's exactly what will happen:

Other users are welcome to respond with tips for using the free tools.
If we're able to readily reproduce a bug or anomoly, we may be able to correct it and release a new build of the tool. If this is the case, we will post an appropriate response.
In other circumstances, we may be unable to investigate or resolve the problem and may not be able to post a reply. Please understand that our attention is necessarily focused on our commercial products, as those "pay the bills," and free tools are supported more or less in our engineers' "spare time."
Our biggest and best advice is to simply try the tool on a freshly-installed system, if possible, paying attention to have the latest versions of any pre-requisites. These tools all worked properly when tested on our development and test systems, and should work without problem on any similarly-installed system. We typically test on the most recent production operating system and other bits, so use that as a guide.