Auto update from PS4.0 -> PS4.1

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Ferdinand Rios
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Auto update from PS4.0 -> PS4.1

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If, upon running PrimalScript 4.0, you see an update notification regarding PrimalScript 4.1, please note:
If you purchased PrimalScript 4.0 with upgrade assurance, please contact us at Include your original SAPIEN order number and your 4.0 license key; request a 4.1 key exchange and we will e-mail your new key to you within 2 business days.

If you wish to accept the update, please do so. We strongly recommend installing it into a DIFFERENT folder than your PrimalScript 4.0 installation.

If you accept the download and install it, you will need to trade your 4.0 license key in for a 4.1 license key. This can be done at After the trade-in your 4.0 license key will be invalidated but it will not affect your current 4.0 installation if you chose to keep that for the time being.

NOTE: This FREE trade-in is only good until January 15, 2007. After that date, you will have to pay an upgrade charge to upgrade from PrimalScript 4.0 to 4.1.alexr@sapien.com2006-11-14 10:23:23
F.G. Rios