Error gridview via Get-AzWvdHostPool

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Error gridview via Get-AzWvdHostPool

Post by stevens »


I'm loading Get-AzWvdHostPool in a gridview but then get error
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Though error, it loads fine but errors keep popping up. Also when I close them, they reappear;
When I load limited set of properties via (Azure cmdlet to get hostpools from WVD) Get-AzWvdHostPool | select Name, HostPoolType, LoadBalancerType, MaxSessionLimit it loads without errors but I'd need all values

Can't I simply ignore the errors/preventing popups (could find out which property is the wrong type but that wouldn't help me a lot, it's a value I get via the cmdlet)?


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Re: Error gridview via Get-AzWvdHostPool

Post by jvierra »

That happens when you try to insert an object into a field. You must only insert value type or objects that cast to strings.