Event on tab or mouse click?

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Event on tab or mouse click?

Post by Chris.Ediger »

I would like to trigger an event when a user clicks or tabs into a field.
I have a combo box that contains a username. The list is taken from AD. Once the user selects the name they want I would like a text box to be populated with info based on the username field. Is there a way to trigger an event like this?

I searched through the events available and didn't see anything that looked like what I was looking for.

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Re: Event on tab or mouse click?

Post by brittneyr »

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Re: Event on tab or mouse click?

Post by jvierra »

I recommend reading about the controls and how to use them in the Sapien info center.
Here is how to use a ComboBox control: http://info.sapien.com/index.php/guis/g ... ox-control

The control articles are quickly available by right clicking on the control in the toolbox.