Adding new form... misleading...

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Adding new form... misleading...

Post by Rixtter747 »

Hey all,

So I've been trying my first multi-form project. When I load a standard multi-form, attempt adding a new form via the File...New...Form. I don't get what I would expect to.

The manuals suggest loading the new form via an event call Show-MyNewForm_psf which is auto-generated from a newly saved form, but this isn't the case when you apparently add the form from the main menu system as I have.

I wasted a days work figuring out that I have to add the new form via the Project window... New File... and tabbing to Forms via the popup. Not very intuitive. Or maybe I didn't read enough guides... but the last I found on youtube was 2016, and Call-MyNewForm is now clearly obsolete. Was this mentioned anywhere I didn't find? New update, anyone, really?

You should not be able to add a new form as I initially did to my project and see it added to my tabs which make it look integral to my project, only to find it isn't really.

I'm really sorry if I'm not finding decent guides on this so far, I've been looking through youtube & also the online documentation, but I'd appreciate some pointers to help me for future bumps.

I love this software, just clearly need some pointers...


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Re: Adding new form... misleading...

Post by brittneyr »

You are correct, there seems to have been a change in the function name from Call-MyNewForm_psf to Show-MyNewForm_psf that has been poorly documented. I apologize for the inconvenience and we are working to update our information.

When you create a multi-form project (File->New->New Form Project->Multi-Form Project), the project is opened in the Project panel:
SPS_ProjectPanel.png (12.91 KiB) Viewed 147 times

The panel is where you would want to add forms or scripts. If you attempt to add from the ribbon (File -> New), it will not be added to your project and therefore, it will not recognize the form you are trying to call. If the form you are attempting to call is not listed in the project panel, it is not directly part of the project. If you would like to add a script or form that already exists to your project, again you must use the panel:
SPS_ProjectPanelAddExisting.png (34.09 KiB) Viewed 147 times
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Re: Adding new form... misleading...

Post by Rixtter747 »

Thanks for the reply, I'm a happy coder again :D