Link for Example / Tutorial Script

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Link for Example / Tutorial Script

Post by bzowky »

Good Afternoon -

It's been a while since initially trying out PowerShell Studio, but am trying it out again plus others currently to fulfill an upcoming PO. To test, I'm trying to create a simple form which should offer the below to set variables which will be executed in an existing script at the end.
- Has browse button allowing one to browse to and select a file
- Asks 3-4 yes/no questions where the answer is selected via radio button
- Has a single text field which is only enabled & used if a specific radio button is selected in the questions above
- A "Go" button at the end

As mentioned, everything in the form should just set variables and once the user clicks "Go", an existing script I'd like to paste into the form will execute using the variables defined.

I've spent a couple of hours trying to get this going without any luck so am posting hoping you could suggest any links to tutorials or sample scripts which are similar to what I'm trying to do above to assist me.

Thank You!

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Re: Link for Example / Tutorial Script

Post by Alexander Riedel »

This is a pretty simple task, but the devil is usually in the details.
You say "I've spent a couple of hours trying to get this going without any luck". That is a little to vague to determine where you might get hung up.
Nor does it allow us to determine how far you got until you got stuck.
I would suggest to post here: viewforum.php?f=21
With some detailed questions and/or by posting your project.
Please be specific in your questions, it will make it easier for folks to help you.
Alexander Riedel
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