Auto fill end condition commentary

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Auto fill end condition commentary

Post by owinsloe »

It would be nice if you could set an option to place commentary at the end of scriptblocks such as if,do,switch,while,try etc etc.

This provides an nice visible method of determining where the completion of each code block concludes.


If (-not $User)
#Obtaining Local Account SIDs for $Bin.Name comparison.
Log "Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_UserAccount"
$WMI_UsrAcct = Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_UserAccount -ComputerName $Computer -Filter "Domain = '$Computer'"
#Using a While Loop to search Local User Accounts for Matching $Bin.Name
$i = 0
While ($i -le $WMI_UsrAcct.Count)
If ($WMI_UsrAcct[$i].SID -eq $Bin.Name)
$User = $WMI_UsrAcct[$i].Caption
} #End If ($WMI_UsrAcct[$i].SID -eq $Bin.Name)
} #End While ($i -le $WMI_UsrAcct.Count)
} #End If (-not $User)

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Re: Auto fill end condition commentary

Post by brittneyr »

You are welcome to file a feature request here and our development team will look into it:
Brittney Ryn
SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.