Shell tied to script that I've run?

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Shell tied to script that I've run?

Post by sjkoehler122 »

Product, version and build: PrimalScript 7.3.102
32 or 64 bit version of product: 64 bit version
Operating system: Windows 10 Enterprise 2016 LTSB
32 or 64 bit OS: 64 bit

Hi - after a hiatus away from PrimalScript for a while, I'm back to re-familiarize myself with the product and determine if we should approve the latest version for use in my company. This is probably a silly PrimalScript 101 question, so my apologies if so.

We often have cases where with the ISE we bounce back and forth between the script and a Powershell shell window. Some examples of where we might do this:

Example 1:
$Svcs = Get-Service
Write-Host "Breakpoint"

So here we would breakpoint on the 2nd line, and here's a couple commands I can think of that we might want to run from the shell window:
1) $Svcs.gettype
Although I see we can get type through the Variables window, perhaps there might be times when we have a ton of variables and just want to jump to a shell to retrieve.
2) $Svcs | Get-Member
This would be to see properties, methods, etc. of an object.

I thought I remember having a shell window that was interactive with the script being debugged, but that we just couldn't change variable values from it and whatnot. Or is my only option to to augment the script with these commands and rerun through debug?

I know I'm using an unsupported version, but again please know I'm trying to determine if we should approve the latest version for ordering. That aside, any help or guidance is greatly appreciated.

Thank you so much!


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Re: Shell tied to script that I've run?

Post by mxtrinidad »

I would definitely recommend to get latest version of PrimalScript. We have included the ability to update PowerShell variable during debug.

Please check the latest added feature at the following link:
PrimalScript_DebugVariables_2019-03-08_11-21-18.png (230.26 KiB) Viewed 944 times