Using DataGridView unable to sort

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Using DataGridView unable to sort

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When I run the following command in Exchange powershell it get the expected output..

When put into a DataGridView I get incorrect output, it seems like it doesn't sort descending


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$MBsizes = Get-MailboxStatistics -Database Mailboxes |
	where  { $_.Displayname -notlike "SystemMail*" -And $_.Displayname -notlike "HealthMailbox*" -And $_.DisplayName -notlike "In-Place*" } |
	sort TotalItemSize -Descending | select -first 5| Select DisplayName, TotalItemSize, StorageLimitStatus
	Update-DataGridView -DataGridView $datagridviewResults -Item $MBsizes -AutoSizeColumns DisplayedCells

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Re: Using DataGridView unable to sort

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"TotalItemSize" is not a number it is an object. It is a string and strings don't sort correctly.

Run at a prompt and inspect the object.

Get-MailboxStatistics -Database Mailboxes | select -expand TotalItemSize