PS Studio 2017 install failure due to AV false positive

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PS Studio 2017 install failure due to AV false positive

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Product, version and build: PowerShell Studio 2017
32 or 64 bit version of product: 64 bit
Operating system: Windows 10
32 or 64 bit OS: 64 bit

Others have posted similar issues to this forum but I am posting mine as it's not acceptable that a product has to be white listed by an AV scanner. You guys really should look into solving the problem. Not all companies are willing to white list such cases which means we cannot use your product. The problem is yours to solve, not ours.

The error message is due to the following file being classed as a virus and deleted.

"c:\User\123\AppData\Roaming\SAPIEN\SPS\install\4920CD9\ScriptEngines\SAPIEN PowerShell V2 Host (Windows Application) Win32.engine"


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Re: PS Studio 2017 install failure due to AV false positive

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You do not have to white list the file, we completely understand that this is not an option for everyone. While some white list the file, you may have noticed that we never asked anyone to do so. We always say to submit any flagged file to your AV vendor for verification. And of course we are looking into solving the problem.

The anti-virus software vendors simply don't react at all to a vendor saying "this file is not a virus", and quite frankly you would not want them to do that.
Obviously it would create a humongous security hole if we or anyone else could just go and release a file that looks like a virus or malware and tell these vendors to calm down and just let it through.
Their obligation and loyalty is of course on your side. Which is why we stress that you need to submit any file that is flagged in any way to YOUR vendor.
Only that way can the vendor and you be sure that he correct information is submitted. And of course, as we also always mention, there is always a chance that an infection at a client machine occurs, over which we also have no control.

Additionally, since you, as many others, do not disclose what particular AV product and specific version you are running, we have no way of contacting anyone specifically anyway.

So, the options for you are:

- Use the last build that did not contain a file flagged by your AV product. Previous builds can always be downloaded from your SAPIEN account page.
- Contact your AV vendor and request that they verify they file and exclude it if it is a false positive and wait for that.
- Sit back and wait for the next service build while we wade through the AV vendors processes.

Or all of the above. Unfortunately I do not have any other solution to offer at this moment in time.
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